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Your legacy will live on

You want to retire but want to ensure that your people, patients, and reputation are in good hands. Your practice is booming (or the load has slowed down) and you want to know your options and plan ahead. We get it.

We understand success is more than just numbers. Sailepro will not only evaluate your business; we’ll consider the people and purpose behind it. You built it. We’ll carry it through.

Retire early or retire later. Know your worth now.

The Sailepro Difference

Get Valued.

No commitment. Whether you’re just curious for the future or ready today, know your worth.

Decide to Sell with Sailepro.

Simply click the link in your evaluation summary we send you and use our online scheduler to schedule a phone call to discuss next steps.


Plan your next vacation. Find your new hobby. Enjoy.

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Physician shares 5 tips to help retire with more (hint: it’s not what you think)

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“In a 2017 survey of physicians aged 50 and older by healthcare staffing firm CompHealth, respondents, on average, said they intend to retire at age 68. By comparison, the average retirement age for all Americans is 63.”

Medical Economics Journal

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